® is unique in that you no longer have to choose between a live act and a DJ.  We provide you with the best of both worlds.  You can choose to hire our DJ or to have a DJ and live music.


The fact remains that there are some songs that are too complex for any cover band to replicate without losing essential effects and sound.  For those songs, you no longer have to compromise.


Our live combos or bands will cover the songs that can be played with maximum result and our professional DJ is a professional sound engineer that will add humor, entertainment and enjoyment to your preferred songs. Music will be produced on a state of the art sound sound system supported by a captivating romantic light show.


No other wedding music producer compares to because they don't roster professional musicians nor do they have a pool of experienced sound engineers capable of mixing and managing a quality sound system.  Your special day deserves the very best,

why settle for less?  It's affordable and guarantees the single most important ambiance you and your guests can appreciate for generations to come.


Early booking is essential to maximize preparation so please complete the scheduling form on the contact page so we can get started.


Congratulations!  We look forward to working with you.  Your recommendation is our business.



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